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• Abdominal – Hypertrophic Pyloric stenosis, Intussusception, Appendicitis, Intestinal obstruction etc.

• Hepatobiliary – Gallbladder stone, Choledochal cyst, biliary atresia etc.

• Neck lesions – Thyroid lesions, Thyroglossal cyst & fistula, Branchial Sinus, Cystic hygroma, Lymph node biopsy etc.

• Inguino-scrotal swelling - Congenital hernia, Hydrocele, Torsion testes, Epididymorchitis etc.

• Pain abdomen, Constipation, Bleeding per rectum management etc.

• Sebaceous cyst, dermoid cyst, hamartoma excision etc.

Management Of Constipation & Bleeding In Rectum In Children!

Constipation is a symptom, not a disease. Constipation is a digestive disorder system where an individual faces difficulty to expel. An incomplete bowel movement is a sign of constipation. This condition causes the stiffening of stool near the rectum, obstructing the smooth passage of stool. In most of the cases, this occurs because of the improper diet. If one is suffering from constipation the faeces become hard, dry and emptying the bowels become painful. Sometimes it causes bleeding in the rectum. Constipation may also cause the abdominal pain. Constipation is very common in kids. Constipation is a temporary problem, but, chronic constipation may lead to serious problems. The common causes of constipation in kids are improper toilet training and diet less in fibre content. One can avoid this by eating healthy food rich in fibre, drinking more and more fluids.

Symptoms :

Mention below are the symptoms of constipation :

1. Regular stomach ache and less than three bowel movements a week.

2. Bowel moment is slow and hard to pass.

3. Emptying the bowel becomes painful.

4. Blood on surface of hard stool.

5. Abdominal pain

Causes :

1. Toilet training: Improper toilet training is one of the major causes of constipation. One must follow a proper routine for passing out stool.

2. Diet: If you are not providing a child a food rich in fibre than the child may suffer from constipation. Consuming a dairy product also leads to the same problem. Sodas and drinks containing caffeine cause dehydration and worsen constipation.

3. Change in routine: Change in routine such as long travelling, too hot or cold weather and stress can affect bowel functioning.

4. Hirschprungs’ disease: There is absence of ganglion cells in intestine leading to failure of movement of bowel leading to constipation.

5. Rectal polyp, Colonic polyp, Anal fissure: Causes bleeding per rectum. Blood streaks on stool occur in Constipation and Anal fissure. Bleeding in drops after passing stool occurs in Polyps.


One can get the better results if an individual combines all the approaches given below:

1. Toilet training: Child should be encouraged to go to toilet at a particular time daily. Provide the child with comfortable footstool so that could comfortably release a stool.

2. Diet: The Proper diet chart should be maintained for children. A balanced diet rich in fibre should be served. Increase the daily water intake of your children. Avoid fast food and dairy product.

3. Medicines: If your child is taking some medicines review it. It may be causing constipation. In case the medicine is causing constipation then go for doctor opinion.

4. Regular exercise: Regular exercise is one of the best ways to avoid constipation. Ask your child to do regular exercise and play outdoor games. Regular exercise increases metabolism and make our immune system strong.

5. Regular check-up: A regular visit to the doctor helps to diagnose the health problem. A Regular check-up is necessary for maintenance of healthy body and it avoids the risk of serious disease caused by constipation.


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